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Thank you for your interest in partnering with me as your Life Coach.

What is Life Coaching?

Imagine a time set apart to focus on you and your goals. Consider the difference it would make if you spent time weekly exploring the unique plan that God has just for you.


Life coaching is a dynamic partnership that helps you discern God’s will, discover possibilities, sharpen your focus, make confident decisions, and reach your goals. Coaching empowers you to discover and live the life you were designed to live.

Is Life Coaching For You?

Stuck? Stressed? Relational concerns? Unhappy? Big decisions? Unfulfilled?


If you sense that there is more, and things would be better if you could only catch God’s vision for your life, coaching can help. Life Coaching can increase your professional and personal effectiveness by as much as 80%. In a recent study by the International Coach Federation clients reported these specific benefits:


  • Increased self-confidence

  • Improved relationships

  • Better communication skills

  • Enhanced interpersonal skills

  • More work/life balance

  • Increased wellness

  • New career opportunities

  • Improved time management

  • and more…

Coaching Is Effective & Easy

Coaching works! Research indicates that having a professional life coach will allow you to accomplish your personal goals two to seven times faster. Not only does coaching work, it is incredibly easy. Coaching is done over the phone and can take place from the convenience of your home, office, or even on the road.

My Commitment To You

As your coach, I will be committed to your…


  • Goals – You set the agenda and you choose the goals. I will pray for you, listen carefully to you, ask purposeful questions, and help you achieve the goals that you set.

  • Encouragement – I am your personal cheerleader. It is my job to encourage, support, and affirm you as you explore new avenues in your life.

  • Accountability - I plan to partner with you in holding you accountable for the changes you decide to make. I will strive to help you achieve what you set out to do and at the same time attain a healthy balance in your life. You are the one who will decide what and when accountability is needed.

  • Growth - I will lend you all my strengths in listening, discerning, providing clarity, creative thinking, brainstorming, strategizing, energizing, and motivating. While I cannot implement the changes you desire, I will do what I say I will do. The action and results will then be up to you.

  • Confidentiality – Our coaching relationship and all our conversations are strictly confidential unless you choose to share that information.


  • Focus - You set the agenda. This is best done by filling out and emailing a weekly prep form that I will provide before each call. This simple yet powerful step will ensure that we will make the most of our time together.

  • Procedure - Because our coaching calls are the core of our communication, it is important for you to call me on time, at our arranged time. Clients are also encouraged and welcome to keep me up to date on ‘wins,’ progress, and challenges via email. Each email will receive the attention it deserves and you will receive a response within 24 hours if possible on weekdays.

  • Rescheduling and Cancellations - Clients need to give 24 hours notice if they have to cancel or reschedule a call. If you have an emergency, we will work around it. Otherwise, a missed call cannot be made up.

  • Commitment - I encourage you to make

Contact Information

If you are ready to begin, or have any questions about coaching, feel free to contact me, or phone, 574.216.1971 I look forward to hearing from you.


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