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ANGELA HAYES is a woman who LOVES to motivate people by preparing them to welcome change into their lives. It’s very common to hear her say, “I want to change the misperceptions Black women have about themselves—to help them to break free of barriers and acknowledge the powerful influence we have on others.”


Through her own life experiences, with color and humor, Angela shares her journey through dysfunctional relationships, abuse, depression, professional struggles and the day to day of self-discovery and parenting. She hopes that others will identify her as a source of encouragement—so that they can tap into their own empowerment; so that they can leave the past behind and face life head-on with confidence and clarity.


As a Life Coach, Angela focuses her energies to help steer the lives of others toward higher levels of both professional success and personal fulfillment. She does this by providing insights that assist with setting personal and professional goals; ones that will help them to live the life they want, not just the one that they have or are settling for. Angela believes that we all can, and should, live a life that will not only provide great joy but influence others in a positive and impactful way. Mentoring so others can mentor in return gives Angela life!


Now in its second edition, Angela, the Author of Black Woman, Just Get Your Hair Wet! Self-Empowerment to Reach Your Divine Potential draws from an amazing array of experiences and shares unique insights on how to break free and fly!


Angela is also the Creator of W.E.T. – Woman Empowered to Thrive. It is a platform that sets the stage for women to “Get Their Own Hair Wet!” through speaking engagements, workshops, and teleseminars. Breakthroughs are her passion so that all of us can manifest our visions and dreams.

“I believe that all women have a feeling, deep within them, that they are destined for greatness, sometimes, we remain stuck, not due to lack of desire, but we need the proper tools."

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